The Club was founded by Head Coach, Terry Sharpington, approximately 26 years ago, operating in a local school with 20 gymnasts and the minimum of apparatus (2 mats, a vaulting horse and a home-made spring board!) A few interested parents volunteered to help and eventually trained to become qualified coaches.


Over the years, the Club became more and more successful and fund-raised continually to buy equipment and boost funds.  Eventually, in 1982, with financial help from Huntingdon Town Council and the (then) Sports Council, a purpose-built, permanent facility was built, with the Club coaches and a band of willing parents carrying out all the interior decorating and fitting etc.  Membership increased enormously and competitive squads progressed from County level to Regional, National and, eventually, International standard. 


Until the late 1980’s, the Club operated totally on a voluntary basis but at this point it became evident that it had, once more, “outgrown” itself.  The general classes were full, there was a long waiting list and there existed a group of talented gymnasts working at the very highest level of the sport and who required more training time and attention in order to achieve the results of which they were capable and which they deserved.  The problem was solved in two ways - Huntingdon Town Council recognised the important role played by the Club and funded an extension to the building in order that more children could be accommodated and, secondly, Terry Sharpington gave up his daytime job to work full time at the gym.  He was able to start daytime parent/toddler sessions and increase the number of general classes as well as provide the much-needed extra coaching for the elite girl gymnasts


1994 saw another milestone in the Club’s history.  The boys section was expanding and improving steadily and was in need of the type of training being offered to the elite girls.  Additionally, both boys and girls were training at a level that required the expertise of a world class choreographer for them to compete on an equal footing with other National and International gymnasts.  With help, initially from Huntingdon District Council and, subsequently, The Foundation for Sport and the Arts, a full-time choreographer, a Boys/Special Needs coach and a young general coach were employed.  With this support, the boys section scaled new heights and a tremendously successful Special Needs section was established.


There has followed a period of enormous success for the Club.  It operates several Parent/Toddler sessions and has a broad base of many general, recreational classes for boys and girls of all ages and abilities.  There are numerous competition squads of boys and girls who compete at County, Regional, National and International level.  It has produced British Champions in Mens’, Womens’ and Special Needs categories year after year.  Club members regularly represent Great Britain (often winning medals) in International events, including European and World Championships and the Commonwealth and Olympic Games. 


Eventually, in recognition of its success, in 2000, the Club was awarded the status of High Performance Centre by the British Gymnastics Association and Sport England and has justified this award by continuing to achieve the highest honours.  On a more local level, the Club was also recognised in 2000 by the Huntingdon Freemen’s Charity in the form of grant-aid to completely refurbish the gymnasium with new equipment.


All the staff at Huntingdon Gymnastics Club, both paid and voluntary, are dedicated to the sport of gymnastics and to furthering the enjoyment and success of all its members.




Roll of Honour





RUTH FOLEY-                      Member of GB senior Team in numerous Internationals

KATHERINE EVERITT-     Seasoned GB international competitor, former member of

                                                European ChampionshipsSquad. British Champion.


TAMSIN MOULDING-       GB International representative.


LISA MASON-                      3x British Champion, numerous representations for senior GB team

                                                Internationals.  Finallist at European Championships, medallist at

                                                Commonwealth Games, member of GB World Championship and  

                                                Olympic Squad.  Qualified for all around finals in Sydney Olympics 2000






PAULA THOMAS-               National Squad Member,

                                                GB representative at numerous Senior Internationals

                                                Competed in Sydney Olympic Games 2000.


EMMA GRISDALE-            Competed in World Universiade 2003.


TERRY SHARPINGTON-   Coach to all of the above.  British Gymnastics Master Coach.


MONICA DESALERMOS- Choreographer to Lisa Mason.







JOHN BRADY-                     Member of GB Senior European Championships Squad 1998.

                                                GB Senior International representative


SAM BUCK-                          Member of GB Junior European Squad 2002

                                                GB Junior International Representative


                                                British Apparatus Champion-Junior

JON MUTCH-                       GB Junior and Senior International Representative

                                                Top 10 all around in Junior European Championships 1998

                                                Member of Scottish Commonwealth Games Team 1998 and 2002.

                                                Top 10 all around and apparatus finalist in Commonwealth Games.

                                                3x British all around Junior Champion.

                                                Holder of numerous GB apparatus titles- Junior


KEVIN SELLORS-               GB Junior and Senior International representative

                                                World School Games All Around Champion 2003.

                                                Member of GB Junior European Team 2002

                                                3x British all around Junior Champion

                                                Holder of numerous GB apparatus titles- Junior

                                                Finallist in Canberra Cup 2002


MATTHEW BULLIMORE- Medallist in GB apparatus finals


MATTHEW THOMPSON- British All Around Junior Champion 2000

                                                GB Junior International representative

                                                Medallist in GB junior apparatus finals


ADAM FOLWELL-              GB Junior International representative.

                                                British Junior Pommels Champion


LUKE FOLWELL-                Member of World Class Potential Squad

                                                Member of Junior European Squad 2004

                                                British U16 Champion 2002

                                                GB Junior International Representative


RICHARD MARTIN-          Member of GB Disabilities National Squad

                                                GB International Representative

                                                Medallist in British Disabilities Championship


DANIEL KEATINGS-          Member of World Class Potential Squad

                                                Member of Junior European Squad for 2008

                                                British Under 14 Champion 2002

                                                GB Junior International Representative


AHMAHD THOMAS-          Member of Junior European Squad for 2006

                                                British U14 Champion on rings 2002


LOUIS SMITH-                     Member of World Class Potential Squad

                                                Member of Junior European Squad for 2004

                                                GB Junior International Representative